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Customer Service For Hunt A Killer
Call: 866-654-HUNT (4868) or Text: 410-983-3311 or email: sam@huntakiller.com

What Is Hunt A Killer?

Hunt A Killer is a monthly subscription box that is so fun, it's addicting! And so engaging - you'll think it's real!

How Much Does It Cost?

There are three payments options:

1. Month to month: $30/month

2. Six Month Pre-Pay: $27.50/month

3. Twelve Month Pre-Pay: $25/month (Save $60/2 months FREE!)

How Many Stories Are There?

One of the best things about Hunt A Killer is the fact that the fun never ends. While Season Awakening is 8 episodes (8 months) long... the story never ends. Seasons Transformation, Initiation, And Vindication are 6 episodes (6 moths) long. It's like a gripping TV show that keeps going - Only you're the star of the show. Detective!

Does Hunt A Killer Have Other Boxes?

Yes! They have all inclusive boxes that come with everything you need to solve the case in a single box. Perfect for solo Hunting or for a family or group event. Right now the 1973 Premium case and the Hawthorn Junction Premium case are available for immediate shipment. Visit their website for more information.

How To Play?

1. Join and get your first box!

2. Sort through all the clues - are there patterns? Little details that stand out?

3. Make your own "Murder Board" and engage in their Online Community!

Want To Know How To Get Started?

Use this link to "Get Started" on your box and know what to do. Read below for what to do when opening your box each month.

Who Creates The Physical Clues and Stories?

They assembled the most gripping, thrilling, true-crime-loving writers and curators they could find. Their speciality is hooking you in... Keeping you on the edge of your seat. And creating an experience so immersive - it sends shivers down your spine. That's why their members tell them time after time that it feels so real - and they can't get enough!

Is There A Way To Check My Progress?

Sure! This resource is designed to encourage your progress through each season. You will be able to access immediate information for each episode to help you to "hunt a killer." Click here. Warning: There might be spoilers!

What You Should Do First When Receiving EACH Box?

Check Inventory

At the beginning of each box you will need to check your inventory to be sure that you have received all box contents on the Hunt A Killer Website. Inside your box there will be an inventory bookmark with instructions and a password to follow. This must be done for EACH box. Depending on which episode you are on depends on which link you will use below.

Retrieve Inspectors Notes

At the beginning of each box, after you have checked your inventory, you will need to go to the Listening Friends of America website to retrieve your Inspectors Notes. These notes can give you clues to help you connect items in your box. This must be done for EACH box. Please pay close attention to the instructions for entering your password on the inspectors notes database. For example, if your inspector's initials are AB and your package ID is 123456789 then your password will be AB123456789. 

What Is Listening Friends Of America?

Listening Friends of America is a partially federally-funded non-profit organisation that serves isolated communities across the United States. Their mission is to provide emotional support for those most in need by promoting therapeutic correspondence.

Should You Sign Up To Volunteer?

If LFoA sends anything in email form you will want to be on this list. Sign up under the volunteer form on their website.

Who Are You To The LFoA?

As a LFoA volunteer your obligation is simple: read their letters. Take the time out of your day and donate your sympathetic ear and your heart, without judgement. Your 10 minutes will mean a lifetime to their community members.

Can You Donate To LFoA?

At this time they are happy to announce they have reached their fundraising limit for 2017 and will not be accepting any monetary donations at this time.

What Is Empty Faces?

Empty Faces is an immersive paranormal investigation... where everything rests on your shoulders. From the creators of Hunt A Killer comes the fastest-growing thriller subscription box ever!

How Many Episodes Per Season?

Each season will have five episodes. So the suspense won't kill you for long...or will it?

How Much Does Empty Faces Cost?

Your subscriptions start at  $26 per month and will bill automatically on the 15th of every month.

If you signed up after February 23, 2018 you will be billed on the anniversary of your sign up day each month and your episode will ship 3-5 business days after.

1. Month to month: $30/month

2. Five Month Pre-Pay: $28/month

3. Ten Month Pre-Pay: $26/month

How To Play

  1. Join the Horror!
  2. An evil force has a sinister message for you... Can you interpret what all it means?
  3. You may think you're alone... But you're not. Work together with our online Facebook community.

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Warning! This Website Does Contain Spoilers For The Hunt A KillerĀ® Cases!
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