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Warning: This Site Contains Spoilers!!

Warning: This Website Does Contain Spoilers For The Hunt A Killer Cases!

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What is Hunt A Killer?

The Hunt A Killer Membership is a monthly subscription that provides an interactive story for you to explore through investigative means, straight to your doorstep. Hunt A Killer Members receive one package each month. These packages contain tools, physical objects, and correspondence that aide in the discovery of a story. Cases are continuous, and the big story continues indefinitely. Think of this like The Silence of the Lambs, where Hannibal Lector is weaving you through different dark stories. Who is the curator? We can tell you he's a little disturbed, very sophisticated, and he enjoys tempting those of a curious nature.


Listening Friends of America is a partially federally-funded non-profit organization that serves isolated communities across the United States. Their mission is to provide emotional support for those most in need by promoting therapeutic correspondence.

There are thousands of isolated men and women living in prisons, nursing homes, hospice care, and psychiatric wards across the country who are in need of a positive outlet. LFoA believes everyone deserves a shoulder to cry on and a friend to confide in. Their clients only ask for you to accept them; to receive their packages; and to listen.

Studies have shown that letter writing -- even with the knowledge there will be no reply -- is far more beneficial than private journaling. The act of sending thoughts out into the world in itself possesses a freedom unknown to many.


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Warning! This Website Does Contain Spoilers For The Hunt A KillerĀ® Cases!
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